Irene tests UNC researchers

Hurricane forecasts soon may be more accurate than ever, thanks to UNC researchers. While tracking Hurricane Irene, the scientists put years of computer model development to the ultimate test by forecasting the storm surge and inundation that would occur from North Carolina to New England. “Predicting the future is a bit scary,” says Dr. Rick…

Learn, lead and innovate

After three years of fundraising, research and trials, the moment finally arrived: Jack Britt High School had made it to NASA’s 2011 Great Moonbuggy Race. Two days later, the members of the first and only team from North Carolina in the race, led by senior Sarah Browning, won the international competition. “We won the Crash and…

Get off the couch!

The average American may expend as little energy as a person who sleeps 24 hours a day by the year 2020, following a worldwide trend of decreasing activity.