Attack of the plant pathogens!

Every year, plant diseases wipe out millions of tons of crops, lead to the waste of valuable water resources and cause farmers to spend tens of billions of dollars battling them.

Real lives of the Civil War

Working amid hundreds of thousands of Civil War-era documents, images and publications, UNC’s librarians and archivists sometimes can’t help but play favorites.

Of beaches and barrier islands

Three thousand years of underwater muck tell the story of North Carolina’s beaches and barrier islands. Emily Elliott, a doctoral student in marine sciences at UNC, knows the story well.

The gift of access

Ashley Thomas, a working mother of three from Durham, N.C., is the newest member of the United States National Para Canoe Sprint Team. Born with spina bifida, she has some leg use but can stand for only a few seconds. She cannot train without help loading and unloading her kayak, and it is impossible to get…