Sahle pushes positive changes

Professor Eunice Sahle’s first love is teaching. A recipient of a 2011 Student Undergraduate Teaching Award, she is known for encouraging independent thought in the classroom.

Weight worries

Eating disorders are commonly seen as something that teenagers and young women face, but a new study reveals that age is no barrier to disordered eating.

Welcome to Carolina!

Carolina welcomes the Class of 2016 and returning students in this video that shows scenes from the first few days of fall semester and gives a musical “Welcome to Carolina.”

The value of water

“Until you actually know what it means to take care of water, you won’t know the value of it. We need water. There isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t need water.” So says Texas resident Carlos Yescas in a new interactive film at produced by students in Carolina’s School of Journalism…

Aid saves education from life’s twists

Life’s twists made financing Colby Robbins’ education tough. Like her, more UNC students than ever qualify for need-based aid. Colby Robbins first heard about UNC as a little girl in upstate New York with dreams of soccer stardom. Long before she could apply to college, she wanted to come to Carolina. “This was my top choice.…

Irene tests UNC researchers

Hurricane forecasts soon may be more accurate than ever, thanks to UNC researchers. While tracking Hurricane Irene, the scientists put years of computer model development to the ultimate test by forecasting the storm surge and inundation that would occur from North Carolina to New England. “Predicting the future is a bit scary,” says Dr. Rick…